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Institutional Pianos Buyer’s Guide

Are you thinking about purchasing a piano for your institution? Whether you work for a school, a church, a community center, or other organization that needs to buy a piano, your needs are going to be

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Piano Humidity Control

How Humidity Control Devices for Pianos Work

Humidity can do irreparable damage to a piano. Because a grand piano has more individual parts than a car, the majority of which are wood, along with felt and metal, monitoring the humidity inside a piano

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Piano Tuning

How Humidity Affects Pianos

Your piano undoubtedly is one of your prized possessions, and you want to ensure that it will make beautiful music for a long time to come. That will require attention and care on your part. You’ll need

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Hailun Piano Logo

What Are People Saying About Hailun Pianos?

In our post last month, “Hailun Pianos Rack Up Awards” we discussed the many awards Hailun has been receiving. Awards are wonderful and can be an indication of a good product, but we wanted to delve

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Hailun Legacy Award

Hailun Pianos Rack Up Awards

If you watch any amount of television, you’ve probably seen car commercials from various manufacturers boasting about how many awards their cars have won from organizations like Motor Trends, J.D.

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Six Great YouTube Channels for Learning Piano

It’s possible to learn just about anything on the internet these days, and playing piano is no exception.  In fact, there are so many how-to videos about piano playing online that it can sometimes

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Why Hammer Replacement on Pianos is Necessary

Few things are more grating on a musician’s ear than an instrument that hasn’t been properly maintained. If your piano has begun to sound harsh and unpleasant when once it was mellow and sublime, it

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10 Best Music Apps for Piano Enthusiasts

“Play it once, Sam, for old times’ sake.” This often-misquoted line from Michael Curtiz’s classic film “Casablanca” is one of the most iconic in cinema history. The truth is, a song well played

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How You (Or Your Child) Can Stay Proficient in Piano Over Summer Break

You spend so much time during the school year getting from lesson to lesson, practicing with the guidance of your teacher. Then it’s summertime … and you’re suddenly on your own. This scenario is

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Digital Piano Repair Tips

Digital pianos have a lot of advantages. They are lighter, smaller, and more portable than their acoustic ancestors. Their variable volume levels enable both students and performers to practice at any

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