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How You (Or Your Child) Can Stay Proficient in Piano Over Summer Break

You spend so much time during the school year getting from lesson to lesson, practicing with the guidance of your teacher. Then it’s summertime … and you’re suddenly on your own. This scenario is

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Digital Piano Repair Tips

Digital pianos have a lot of advantages. They are lighter, smaller, and more portable than their acoustic ancestors. Their variable volume levels enable both students and performers to practice at any

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Humidity Control for Pianos

Pianos are complex instruments predominantly made of wood. This wood is specially selected by piano makers, then dried and conditioned to their exact specifications to create the instrument. Unless you

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Piano Tuning

Your Piano and Multi-tasking

If you’re an avid player, you probably already know what you personally gain from playing the piano – perhaps a sense of tranquility or peace, perhaps the satisfaction of learning a difficult piece.

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Your Brain on Piano

Sure, playing the piano is fun, and has a lot of different benefits, but have you ever thought about what your brain is actually doing when you’re playing a tune through different outlets of your body? Eyes

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Piano-based Movies

Pianos have been a part of popular culture for centuries now, but did you know there are some great movies that have been made that feature the incredible instrument? Whether you’re looking for something

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Who Invented the Piano

Last year, Google Doodle paid a tribute to Bartolomeo Cristofori, the inventor of the piano, which was a great way to get people talking who may not know who Cristofori is in the first place. But, there’s

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