Hailun Pianos

Hailun Piano LogoThe Hailun Piano Company has built a reputation for long-term quality and artistic value. Each Hailun Piano is built under the company concept of “profound quality,” where nothing is sacrificed in the quest for excellent workmanship and sound.


Hailun Chen and his wife, Haifen “Faye” Chen, met at the Piano Technology School in Beijing, China. After graduation, they dedicated themselves to establishing a company that would produce some of the highest-caliber pianos in the world. Initially, Hailun was co-owned by the Chinese government; later the husband-wife duo purchased full control and expanded into Europe and other countries.

The Hailun Company employs a team of top piano engineers, handpicked by Hailun and Faye from around the globe. The engineering team is known for its ability to take theoretical musical concepts and transform them into pianos that give exceptional sound quality. Each Hailun piano is a work of art, in the eyes of its company founders.

Although Hailun Pianos are known for quality, they can also be purchased at reasonable prices. Hailun and Faye have a personal mission to help as many people play pianos as possible and ensure each customer is totally satisfied with their piano experience.

Hailun Piano Product Lines

Grand Pianos

Hailun’s highest-end grand pianos command a stage with bold sound and stunning beauty. Each grand piano has a high-gloss ebony polish, birdseye maple trim, top-quality components, and Hailun’s trade secret engineering. Some models are also offered in other finishes, including mahogany, walnut, and satin.

Within the grand piano series, Hailun offers five models:

HG 218: Hailun engineered this piano to blend power with delicacy, for maximum tonal range. It is elegant and responsive to even a very light touch. Capable of producing a bold, booming sound on a professional stage, it is still designed to be durable enough for a school or studio setting.

HG 198: The designers of this piano had 20 years of research and design experience, which they relied upon to create the ultimate piano for artistic expression. Its tone is full, colorful – even a little playful. It’s perfectly-suited for composers and lyricists.

HG 178: This piano was designed for warmth. It has a rich tone that feels right in a home or studio. Students and teachers tend to find this piano easy to play, which is the result of Hailun’s famous attention to detail.

HG 161: Although this piano was made to fit a small footprint, its sound retains the boldness of much larger pianos. It is engineered for professional-quality tones within a compact, elegant design.

HG 151: This smaller piano was designed with all levels of students and performers in mind. It embodies the Hailun founders’ philosophy of keeping pianos accessible to everyone.

Upright Pianos

Hailun also offers six models of upright pianos:

HU 7/33: This is a versatile piano that works well for any genre of music. It’s capable of a powerful sound, but also subtlety and expression.

HU 5P: This model is designed with large, professional studios in mind. It has a booming quality with colorful tone, for a balanced mix of sound.

HU 125: Professional quality meets elegance in this model. It was designed to provide a full spectrum of sound, very much like a grand piano but in an upright cabinet.

HU 1P: Hailun designed the HU 1P to be the unrivaled professional upright piano. It has a rich and well-balanced sound that works well in settings like schools, churches, and mid-size studios.

HU 121: This model has a clear and colorful tone that is ideal for beginners and those wishing to advance their piano-playing skills. It’s perfect for home use or small to mid-size institutional settings.

HU 116: All levels of students can enjoy this model, which has both a robust bass sound and a crisp treble. It’s also made to be exceptionally durable.