Yamaha Pianos

Yamaha Pianos

Yamaha Music Logo

Yamaha is one of the largest manufacturers of musical instruments in the world, including pianos. It is also one of the most recognized and trusted brands in music. Although Moore Piano is not a Yamaha dealer, we repair and refurbish Yamaha pianos, which are very popular with our customers.


The Yamaha corporation now produces many types of goods, but it was founded in Japan in 1887 as a piano manufacturer. Torakusu Yamaha was a watchmaker who branched out into repairing medical equipment. As the story goes, on one occasion he was asked by a local elementary school principal to repair a reed organ, which he did successfully. While completing the repair, he created a blueprint of the organ and used it to design his own instrument.

Over the course of many years, Yamaha perfected his designs, which were initially criticized for poor tuning. His work on the instrument is reflected in the logo of the Yamaha Corporation, which consists of three interlocking tuning forks.

Numerous famous pianists prefer Yamaha pianos, including Elton John, Sheryl Crow, Ben Folds, Brandi Carlile, James Blunt, Michael Buble, and Chick Corea.

Yamaha Piano Product Lines

Today, Yamaha makes dozens of different types of pianos including acoustic pianos, digital pianos, and hybrid pianos. The company is known for being an innovator in the piano design field and for combining avant-garde technology with time-tested quality.

Their primary product lines are:

SX Series: The Yamaha SX series includes top-of-the-line premium grand pianos. These pianos use the patented Acoustic Resonance Enhancement (ARE) treatment, which combines precisely-controlled temperature, humidity, and pressure to transform the molecular structure of the wood without the use of chemicals. This gives the wood a maturity well beyond its age, producing a superior sound.

U Series: This is another top-notch line preferred by some of the world’s premier pianists. The series focuses on the latest advances in materials and construction, with components designed to give excellent tonal performance and durability. The U Series is also known for its elegant appearance, which adds an air of sophistication to a performance.

YUS Series: Both professional and home pianists can appreciate the YUS series for its balance between rich, booming tones and perfect subtle notes. Specially-designed hammers give smooth sound quality inside a sleek, pared-down cabinet design. This is an excellent choice for a home pianist who desires a flexible and robust sound.

B Series: Yamaha’s B Series offers reasonable prices without sacrificing sound quality. Yamaha has integrated some of its most innovative designs into a piano that is budget-friendly yet packed with world-class workmanship. Although B Series pianos are designed for players at any level, they are particularly well-suited for beginning players. The cabinet’s slender profile makes it perfect for home use, even in small spaces.

NU1 Series: This series blends all the benefits of a traditional piano with cutting-edge digital technology. NU1 pianos are the result of Yamaha’s decades of research into digital sound and its relationship to acoustic tones. These pianos have refined, compact cabinets that fit easily into a home or studio setting.