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Hailun School Piano Special Offer

Hailun Special Offer for School Pianos

If you’re a music teacher, you may have noticed an unfortunate trend lately.  The quality of some popular models of pianos commonly used in schools and other institutions has fallen backward due in part to changes in manufacturing locations.

In the meantime, requirements imposed by schools for pianos–such as toe blocks, large easy rolling wheels, and key locks–make it difficult or impossible to simply purchase different brands of pianos that are of a higher quality.

Well, the folks at Hailun piano noticed this trend as well and decided to do something about it.  That’s why they put together two special packages only available for schools and music institutions around two of their award-winning pianos–the HU1P upright piano and the HG178 grand piano.

The packages include  the following (in addition to the piano):

  • Low-rider dollie
  • Keyboard lock
  • Adjustable bench

Hailun School Piano Special Offer

Hailun Institutional Piano Special Offer

All of this is included at the same price as a regular HU1P or HG178 piano, which means that they will be competitively priced with other pianos normally considered by institutions.  The difference is that these pianos are considered much higher quality.

This offer is only available to schools or institutions, not the general public.  Contact us to request pricing information for the package you are interested in for your school.