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How To Use Piano Marvel to Become A Better Piano Player

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Used by piano teachers and students at all levels, the Piano Marvel app helps people learn to play the piano up to four times faster than traditional methods. It connects to your iPad or computer (PC and Mac friendly) and delivers short, manageable lessons while tracking your progress.

Whether you are teaching yourself or you are taking in-person lessons, Piano Marvel is a fun, interactive teaching tool that combines cutting-edge technology with time-tested learning strategies. Some users even say this piano app is a little addictive!

Piano Marvel lessons cover all kinds of piano basics, from sight-reading tests and ear training to playing technique. The app also has an enormous library of songs and sheet music.

Another great asset of the Piano Marvel app is three great tools: “Prepare Mode,” “Assess Mode,” and the “Standard Assessment of Sight Reading”. Each mode has its own benefits for growing pianists. Here’s a quick overview of the three and how you can use them to develop your piano playing skills.

Piano Marvel Prepare Mode

This new addition to Piano Marvel gives pianists instant feedback as you practice your songs. Also called “wait for me mode,” it’s a great feature when you’re learning a tricky song. When the Prepare mode is on, you can practice songs at any speed, and the app will follow you, instead of you trying to keep up with the app. You will be able to slow down or speed up as needed to work on note accuracy.

Instant feedback tells you what notes you’re playing correctly, so you can improve your accuracy. And, there are no bouncy dots, or video game notes scrolling past you, so you learn to read and play real sheet music!

The Prepare Mode also breaks the song into short sections so you can give attention to every part of the song to avoid a strong start and a weak finish.

It’s available for all the songs and exercises in the Piano Marvel library. All you need to do is open the song you’re learning and click the “Prepare” play button at the bottom of the screen.

Piano Marvel’s Assess Mode

The old saying goes, “practice makes perfect.” But most piano teachers will tell you, “perfect practice makes perfect.” It doesn’t help to keep repeating the same mistakes! The Assess Mode enables you to identify the small errors that most pianists don’t notice until someone points them out.

When the Assess Mode is active, red and green markings under each note indicate what you’re playing correctly and incorrectly to improve your accuracy. It’s almost like having your piano teacher with you through every practice!

When you play using the Assess Mode, the detailed “micro-assessments” track your note and rhythm accuracy. You can “practice perfectly” instead of reinforcing mistakes. Overall, this will help you learn faster and more effectively.

If you’re the type of person who likes to keep track of progress, you’ll love the option to receive a “score” on your performances in the Assess Mode! Even better, you can earn awards in the app for improving your accuracy rates. You can practice a song or exercise repeatedly to improve your accuracy over time and earn higher accuracy awards.

One thing the Assess Mode does not do is grade how expressively you play the song because that is something very personal. Musicians naturally want to express themselves when they play and put their own unique touches to the music.

As you watch the video tutorials and play along with a wide range of musical accompaniments, you’ll learn a wide range of expressive techniques to incorporate in your own piano style. Rest assured that you’ll be able to develop your own unique style when learning to play piano with Piano Marvel.

Standard Assessment of Sight Reading Tool

Sight-reading is the ability to play music proficiently, whether you’ve seen and practiced the piece before or not. Pianists that are proficient at sight-reading music can learn new music easier and faster. Sight-reading also helps you recognize, name, and play notes quickly and you’ll become better at looking ahead while playing.

Many music instructors say that sight-reading is a good indicator of a musician’s overall understanding of music theory and musical literacy. So, the Standard Assessment of Sight Reading Mode is an incredible tool for any pianist who wants to become a well-rounded musician.

Piano Marvel has been developing and perfecting their Standard Assessment of Sight Reading (SASR) Mode over the last five years. It’s truly a work of art, featuring over 2,000 sight-reading excerpts, divided into 18 levels and 90 individual sublevels.

As you take SASR tests, Piano Marvel will track your scores and automatically choose the next appropriately challenging song experts for your skill level. It’s a customized sight-reading workout for every pianist.

Plus, if you want to improve your sight-reading quickly, you can take the 30-day SASR challenge. You’ll improve your overall ability to read sheet music in just 12 minutes a day.

Overall, Piano Marvel is packed with extraordinary features that will benefit any pianist.

Whether you want to learn piano for the first time or improve your piano skills and whether you’re learning on your own or taking in-person lessons, we believe Piano Marvel is one of the best tools on the market.

It guides people to become well-rounded musicians who are not dependent on an app and genuinely enjoy playing piano in any setting.