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How to Use Piano Marvel App with an Acoustic Piano

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Piano Marvel is a top rated online program (also available in App form on the iPad) for learning how to play the piano.  It can take you from a beginner who is just learning notes all the way to an advanced player, all while you learn technique as well.

Piano Marvel will track your key-playing, showing you the notes you got right or wrong.

Piano Marvel also works well  with teachers for online lessons (they have an accreditation program that allows teachers to get certified with Piano Marvel). With the equipment we talk about in this post you’ll be able to have accelerated lessons with a piano teacher without ever having to step foot in his or her studio. With the equipment mentioned below, you can send your teacher your lesson via the cloud, or live stream your lesson over Zoom or another platform with your teacher.

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The are literally hundreds of songs for you to practice with as well as many years worth of lessons, both fundamental and technical. It works on PC, Apple Mac and iPad. Watch the video below for a demo of some of the features of Piano Marvel:

The only downside to Piano Marvel is that it requires a MIDI connection, which is usually found on digital pianos but not on acoustic pianos.  However, now there is finally a solution that allows people to us the Piano Marvel app with an acoustic piano: QRS PNOScan.

How QRS PNOScan and PNOScan Studio work with Piano Marvel

Recently, the Pennsylvania-based company QRS released PNOScan, an optical scanning device for acoustic pianos. With PNOScan you can not only record your performance digitally, you can have Piano Marvel follow you in real time with a MIDI connection. The PNOScan system is an optical scanning device that records your key strokes as you play.

This hardware has two advantages. You can record yourself for practice purposes and listen back to your playing.  If your piano is also equipped with a QRS player system, you’ll be able to listen to your recording on the actual piano itself. With PnoScan Studio you can also send a recording to your piano teacher during this time of not being able to socialize much.

Secondly, you can play an acoustic piano and still have Piano Marvel follow along for your lessons.

QRS PNOScan Studio

QRS PNOScan Studio takes it a couple of steps further. This selection offers a “silent” system which blocks the hammers from actually striking the strings, but you’ll still get sound from the recording strip.

This allows you to wear headphones while practicing so you aren’t disturbing neighbors or the rest of the household. It also includes a powered speaker for accompaniment, allowing the piano to be accompanied or to have other instrument sounds with no piano. It also includes a cloud QRS connect option to be able to send your recordings anywhere, like to your pianol teacher.

The QRS PNOScan Studio also gives you 1 free year of online lessons from Piano Marvel.

Both units are WIFI-enabled and have Bluetooth and MIDI outputs for any accessories or to attach to Bluetooth speakers to hear your recording.

With this amazing new technology, you can now use your acoustic piano for things previously required a digital piano, including using the Piano Marvel app.