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Six Great YouTube Channels for Learning Piano

It’s possible to learn just about anything on the internet these days, and playing piano is no exception.  In fact, there are so many how-to videos about piano playing online that it can sometimes be hard to sort through them all to find the good ones.

That’s why we put together this post about six of the best YouTube channels for learning piano.  The channels we recommend below represent a variety of instructional techniques, styles of piano playing, and personality types of instructors.

Do you want a serious traditional musical education that includes theory, formal lessons, and practice routines?  Perhaps you’d rather just quickly learn to play popular songs on the piano to impress your friends.  Either way, you’ll find a YouTube channel on the list below for you.

So, read through our list, watch some of the intro videos for the various channels, and then pick one that will help you accomplish your goals for becoming a better piano player.

Piano Hero

The Piano Hero YouTube channel was started by a music producer from France who goes by the alias “The Gadget”.  On his Facebook page,  he describes himself as a “dreamy-catchy-punchy melodic bass music producer”.

His videos focus on teaching people individual songs on the piano.  Each video is rated according to difficulty, ranging from “easy” to “legendary”.  Sheet music is provided in the description of the videos, and the video itself consists of an animation of the song being played on a keyboard while the music plays in the background (see example below).

Some of the music in the videos is original compositions, while other videos feature modern music of various types. “The Gadget” himself doesn’t appear in the videos, and other than demonstrating the songs being played, there is no instructional component to the videos.

In summary, this YouTube channel would be great for someone who already knows the basics of piano playing and wants to learn individual songs.

Andrew Furmanczyk

Andrew Furmanczyk is the owner of Furmanczyk Academy of Music.  According to his bio, he lives in British Colombia and has been playing piano since the age of 5.  He seems to have a great passion for teaching others about music, and that passion definitely comes through in his videos.

He offers several free courses both on his YouTube channel and on his website on music theory and how to play piano.  All of his videos are free, and there are quite a few of them.

You’ll quickly get a sense of what Andrew’s channel is about as well as his personality by watching his intro video below.

Andrew’s YouTube channel would be a good option for people who want to learn music theory in addition to learning piano, and who enjoy his enthusiasm and his personality.

Instant Piano Genius

Piano Genius, created by Tim Gross,  seeks to shortcut the “unnecessary and confusing typical ‘piano teacher’ curriculum” by teaching you how to how to “play chords and songs immediately without all the memorization and frustration” (according to the description on his channel).

It’s safe to say that Tim’s approach to piano playing and instruction is almost the polar opposite of Andrew Furmanczyk’s.  Not only does he not cover any music theory, he also charges for access to most of his content–that’s why you’ll only find a few ungated videos on his YouTube channel (you can visit his website to request a password to access more videos).

Tim is focused more on teaching the style of piano used by rock musicians, with a lot of focus on chords and improvisation.  His channel would be great for those who aren’t interested in learning how to read sheet music, don’t want to learn music theory, and just want to get right to playing piano.

You cant watch Tim’s intro video to his channel below.

Piano in 21 Days

Jacques Hopkins, the founder of Piano in 21 Days, claims his method is great for “regular people who want to learn to play popular songs on the piano as quickly as possible.”  His approach is similar to that of Tim Gross, with a heavy focus on chords, but also incorporating some elements of traditional piano instruction.

Like Tim, he also offers paid courses, but has more free content on his YouTube channel, including a playlist with 34 videos teaching you how to play just about every possible chord on the piano.

Here is Jacques’s intro video:

This YouTube channel is great for people interested in quickly learning popular modern songs on the piano, or those who want to learn chords so they can do improv on the piano.

Become a Piano Superhuman

Zach Evans has created an online course called “Become a Piano Superhuman” which he says will take you from “zero to hero” as quickly as possible.  The course focuses on skills like sight reading, right-hand/left-hand coordination, and others that are essential to becoming a better piano player.

Below is the intro video for the course, which you can sign up for here.

Zach has a number of great videos on his YouTube channel, but he saves the best content for his course, which is free for now but might not always be free.

This course would be good for people who want to learn specific piano skills but aren’t interested in music theory or an overall music education.

Hoffman Academy

The Hoffman Academy, in contrast to the last three channels we listed, takes a very traditional approach to piano education.  It claims to “offer the most complete foundation in music you can find online”, and covers everything from sight reading to technique and music theory.

Appropriate for both kids and adults, this paid course has over 100 videos and is a great option for those who want a complete education in piano.

It would be great for music students or people who want to play piano professionally at some point.

While you have to pay for the full course, there are a number of very good free videos on their YouTube channel.

You can watch a video about the Hoffman Academy below: