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Hailun Legacy Award

Hailun Pianos Rack Up Awards

If you watch any amount of television, you’ve probably seen car commercials from various manufacturers boasting about how many awards their cars have won from organizations like Motor Trends, J.D. Power, and other organizations.

Well, did you know that piano manufacturers can also win awards from industry associations like Musical Merchandise Review and the National Association of Music Merchants?  These organizations have awards for individual pianos, lines of pianos, and piano manufacturers every year, and one of the manufacturers that has recently been consistently winning those awards is one you may not be familiar with: Hailun.

As one of the only Hailun piano dealers in the region, Moore Piano is proud to be associated with this award-winning brand.  Here is a breakdown of some of the awards they’ve won in recent years, including a description of the criteria for the award, details about the organization presenting the award, and what products won the award.

MMR Dealer’s Choice Awards

The Dealer’s Choice Awards from the Musical Merchandise Review magazine are awarded every year.  The candidates for the awards are nominated and voted on by the magazine’s readers, who are musical industry dealers, retailers, and other professionals.

There are 17 categories for these awards, including everything from “Microphone Line of the Year” to “Band and Orchestra Instrument Line of the Year”.

In the category of “Acoustic Piano Line of the Year”, Hailun has won three times in the past six years–for the Hailun HU-5 piano line (2012) and the HG 178 piano line (2013 and 2014).

In 2015, the MMR made some changes to the award categories and the nomination and voting process in order to increase participation and enure fairness.  After these changes, in 2017 Hailun won the Dealer’s Choice award for “Acoustic Piano of the Year”.

Hailun MMR Dealers Choice Awards


Also in 2015, the MMR introduced the Legacy Award, which is given to products that are two-time winners in the same category.  The award recognizes the products for achieving that honor while also retiring them from future consideration.  Hailun won this award for the HG 178 in 2017.

Hailun Legacy Award

International Six Golden Star Medal from Diapason

The French magazine Diapason is an international journal devoted to the organ, the harpsichord, the carillon, and church music.  Founded in 1909, it is highly respected as an authority in the music industry.

In 2008, Hailun piano won the magazine’s prestigious Six Golden Star medal, which was the first time a Chinese manufacturer had won that honor.

Diapason Award

Joseph A. Schumpeter Award

Joseph Schumpeter was one of the most influential economists of the 20th century.  Today, a society bearing his name gives out an annual award normally honoring those who achieve innovation in business management, economics and economic policy.  However, in 2016 the award was given to Mr. Hailun Chen in recognition of excellence in the realm of music.  It was the first time a Chinese citizen had won the award.

2016 Schumpeter Award