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Staying Proficient at Piano During COVID-19 Stay at Home Orders

So you (or your child) have spent months or years taking piano lessons but now you find yourself unable to meet with your instructor.

This is an uncommon and very strange time, but let’s see if we can find some resources and advice to make sure you don’t move backwards in your piano studies.

Much of this advice will remain the same as staying proficient over summer break, but some will not due to social distancing restrictions. You can review our previous summer break post here.

When possible use an instructor that teaches online

Many instructors have moved to online instructions via Skype, Zoom or another platform that’s similar, check with your instructor or if need be look around for an instructor that does online instruction or video lessons.

If this is impossible look for online resources for self learning such as this one by the N.C. Symphony Orchestra   or this list of YouTube channels for learning piano.

Motivation can be an issue

Motivation can always be an issue, especially when you think you have all the time in the world.  Plan an online recital for grandparents or other family members. Set a specific date a few weeks in the future and invite everyone. Nothing motivates better than a deadline and it can help other members of the family that are dealing with loneliness by bringing back at least some normality.

Make a practice schedule

Even if its only a few minutes a day, a daily practice schedule is very important. Remove distractions, schedule it for the same time each day, pick out a song you’ve always wanted to try or one that you love and practice towards that recital.

Above all remember why you or your child were taking lessons to begin with

Many people take piano simply because they enjoy it.

There have been many studies though, several from North Western University, that show additional benefits to music lessons.

Keeping up with piano practice can help your other home-school activities as well during this stay at home order.

Music helps improve language skills, academic skills and spatial and motor skills.

Using the above recommendations you can improve your self discipline and time management skills as well as your self confidence and presenting skills when you have your recital.